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Since its foundation in 2010, U-Mart have been specializing in products and solution for Mobile & PC accessories, Audio & Video Cables and converters etc. to meet various needs of customers. We well understand that quality is premise of everything for an international brand. Our QC colleagues strictly supervise every production process according to original product design, like performance, workmanship, durability etc. At the same time, we are always ready to take our social responsibility. All U-Mart products use RoHS complaint raw material, reducing the environmental impact.

Original Design

We have very strict screening process for every design, which is finalized before repeated discussion, analysis and improvement. Once the design and first sample finished, we would further evaluate it carefully from the perspective of practicality, convenience and aesthetics.

Customer- oriented

We created U-Mart with a single goal in mind: More For You. That means U-Mart focus on the real need of you and care about your experience to offer more surprise and convenience to your smart life. After all, we are customers, too.

Continuous Innovation

We have been absorbing cutting-edge technology of the industry to release at least 4 new products every month to enrich our products series, which keep us as the leader in our industry.

Wide Selection

We have been devoting to creating more high quality products, including Smart Charging Station, Multi-functional USB Hub, USB Multi-display Adapter etc. Rich product series provide you wide selection and more convenience to enjoy your smart life.

U-Mart Philosophy

The company has expanded rapidly in the decade in which the most important decision is that we
always want to unswervingly implement these six core values:

  • Gather Market Feedback and Make Quick Response
  • Exceptional Price Performance
  • Never Ceasing Innovation
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Refined Product Design 
  • Excellent Technical Support

All these lead to only one goal,that is Customer Satisfaction. All U-Mart staff have been striving hard to improve customer experience of our products and services.

Offer Globalized Products and Services

U-Mart products and services have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and loved by the masses of users.

Russia, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East