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what products could support MHL?

Silicon Image announced a family of chips supporting MHL including a transmitter, a bridge and a port processor.
LG Electronics available on December 4, 2011 AT&T Wireless and LG Electronics Nitro HD (AT&T) / Optimus LTE (LTE carriers), a True HD AH-IPS panel display on the device with MHL output abilities for any TV equipped with HDMI input.
Samsung announced at the 2011 Mobile World Congress that their Galaxy S II mobile devices feature MHL connections.
 HTC announced at the 2011 CTIA that their 'EVO 3D' mobile device supports MHL output and in addition that the HTC 'Sensation' will also have this capability, as well as its successor, the 'Sensation XE'. The HTC Rezound, which is a sister device to the Sensation XE also has the MHL port.
Roku unveiled the 'Roku Streaming Stick' on January 4, 2012 in an official blog post entitled 'There’s a Better Way to Build a Smart TV'. The Streaming Stick is said to include everything comprised in a Roku player—built-in WiFi, processor, memory and software—and will deliver all the channels found on the Roku platform today.[18]
The following retail products are known to have MHL technology available:

Display Devices:

UN55D8000YF, UN55D6300SF LED TV range.[19][20]
46D7000 HDTV, 55D7000 HDTV, 60D7000 HDTV (Port 3)
46D7900 HDTV, 55D7900 HDTV
46D8000 HDTV, 55D8000 HDTV, 60D8000 HDTV, 65D8000 HDTV (Port 3)
Series 7 Smart Station and HDTV Monitor
Series 9 Smart Station and HDTV Monitor
LED Monitors: S24B750V, S27B750V, S23B550V, S27B550V
HDTV Monitors: T24B750V, T27B750V, T23B550V, T27B550V
Regza WL800A LED TV range (one of the earliest TVs to ship with MHL).[21][22][19]
46WL800A HDTV (Port 4)
55WL800A HDTV (Port 4)
42WL863 HDTV (Port 4)
46WL863 HDTV
55WL863 HDTV

Mobile devices:
Acer CloudMobile phone
Galaxy Nexus phone
HTC Amaze 4G phone
HTC Flyer tablet
HTC Rezound phone
HTC Sensation phone
HTC Sensation XE phone
HTC Vivid phone
HTC Sensation 4G phone
HTC EVO 3D phone
HTC EVO View 4G phone
HTC Raider phone
HTC Velocity phone
HTC Flyer phone
HTC JetStream phone
HTC One S phone
HTC One X phone
Huawei Ascend P1 phone
Huawei Ascend P1 S phone
Huawei Ascend D Quad phone
Huawei Ascend D Quad XL phone
Huawei Ascend D1 phone
LG Verizon Spectrum phone
LG Optimus LTE phone
LG Optimus LTE w/ NFC phone
LG Nitro HD phone
LG Prada phone
LG Optimus Vu phone
LG Optimus 4X HD phone
LG Optimus 3D Max phone
Lenovo S2 phone
Meizu MX phone
Pantech Vega LTE phone
Samsung Epic 4G Touch phone
Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone
Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet
Samsung Galaxy S II phone
Samsung Galaxy S III phone
Samsung Galaxy R phone
Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet
Samsung Infuse 4G phone (bundled with an MHL to HDMI adapter)
Samsung Skyrocket HD phone
Samsung TXT phone
Sony Xperia GX phone
ZTE PF200 phone